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CHICAGO WEBFRIENDS is a monthly gathering of designers, developers, and friends from all over the city of Chicago. Join us each month as a member of our group shares the insights, knowledge, and skills they’re passionate about!

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Put a date in a microwave. Eat. Hot date. Wednesday, September 19

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The Good, The Bad, the Unethical: What is data ethics and why should I care as a technologist and as a technology user

LORENA MESA, Software Engineer, Sprout Social
We've all heard about data ethics in one fashion or another. The 2016 United States Presidential election and Russian hacking. Social media's precarious relationship with content moderation. Policing that increasingly looks like Minority Report. Google using search results to infer if someone is suffering from depression and therefore provide resources for it in their finds.
The ethics behind how we use data and what we do with that data is a varied and complex one.
Together we'll review the landscape of the data ethics debate, defining what it is and what it is not. We'll then apply that definition to the examples listed above as well as to some hypothetical ones. So no, we won't answer the data ethics debate but rather we'll provide a framework that can help us as technologists and as technology users learn how to ask critical questions of the tools we create and the tools we use.
If we are ever going to face the moral implications of what lies in the heart of the data ethics debate - autonomy, privacy, connectivity in the global era, to name a few - we must start the conversation somewhere. This dialog will help us start.

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