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CHICAGO WEBFRIENDS is a monthly gathering of designers, developers, and friends from all over the city of Chicago. Join us each month as a member of our group shares the insights, knowledge, and skills they’re passionate about!

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Put a date in a microwave. Eat. Hot date. Tuesday, July 24

Time to get a watch. 7 – 9 p.m.

Value-Based Retainers for Fun & Profit

NICK DISABATO, Cool Guy, Draft
Over the past 6 years of running an independent consultancy, I've gone from barely scraping by to thriving, and it's largely come about because of the way that I position and price my work. In particular, most of our work happens on retainer (so we can beat the feast/famine cycle), and it's priced on the value we provide (so we can charge more).
In this talk, you'll learn how to increase your own pricing and build a durable business model over time – so you can charge what you're worth as an independent designer or developer.

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