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CHICAGO WEBFRIENDS is a monthly gathering of designers, developers, and friends from all over the city of Chicago. Join us each month as a member of our group shares the insights, knowledge, and skills they’re passionate about!

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Put a date in a microwave. Eat. Hot date. Wednesday, August 22

Time to get a watch. 7 – 9 p.m.

Motivational Drivers & Communication

RHEA GHOSH, Director of Site Reliability Engineering, ActiveCampaign
This will be discussing how motivational drivers impact your communication and leadership style in work and in life!
There are 6 main drivers and we'll talk about what each of them are, how they relate to each other and how to understand what yours are. There will be some time dedicated to self identifying after we discuss what they are and start to think of examples of where you might fit in. They present differently for everyone so there are no right or wrong drivers! We're all different and that's what makes this awesome but identifying these drivers can help improve your communication with people who may value different things.

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